The stylistic fences are down, and new audiences can come from any direction.

DOTDOTDOTMUSIC offers a full suite of public relations services to individuals and organizations in the new music field, including:
    •    publicity: getting the word out
    •    consulting: developing strategies for success
    •    branding: establishing a unique and compelling identity in a crowded field
    •    social media: building community, developing an integrated web presence
    •    writing: nuanced and persuasive, from taglines to essays
    •    miscellaneous wisdom and useful contacts: free with purchase!

DOTDOTDOTMUSIC is the leading public relations agency serving artists and organizations in the vibrant new classical music scene. Our clients include Kronos QuartetEighth BlackbirdSymphony SpaceThe Industrywild Up, composers David T. LittleMissy Mazzoli, and Ted Hearne, the Prototype and MATA festivals, and many more. Our practice transcends styles and genres, reflecting the hybrid vigor of today's music. Since its founding in 2007, DOTDOTDOTMUSIC has launched ventures such as New Amsterdam Records, “the focal point of the post-classical scene;” Make Music New York, “the largest musical event ever to grace Gotham;” and the critically-lauded Prototype festival, while leading campaigns on Kronos Quartet’s 40th-anniversary season, John Adams’s Nixon in China at the Metropolitan Opera, and Japan Society’s eclectic music series, among many others.

Along with our international initiatives, we have conducted highly successful, locally-focused campaigns in every major US media market. Known as keen spotters of new talent, DOTDOTDOTMUSIC’s Steven Swartz (Founder + Partner) and Sarah Baird Knight (Partner) have brought rising composers such as Gregory Spears, Jessie Montgomery, and Mohammed Fairouz to widespread notice. DOTDOTDOTMUSIC is based in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY.

Trained as a composer, with a PhD in composition under principal teacher Morton Feldman, Steven's background includes journalism, radio, the recording industry, and PR. Prior to founding DOTDOTDOTMUSIC, he spent sixteen years as the director of publicity at Boosey & Hawkes, where he built strong relationships with music journalists throughout North America and beyond. In a 2007 article in MUSO magazine, he anticipated the rise of today's thriving indie-classical scene, in which DOTDOTDOTMUSIC has played a major supporting role. Along with Sarah Baird Knight, he is active as a lecturer and panelist, giving workshops around the country in career development.

Sarah is a French hornist, singer, and songwriter trained in music education. After three years in the classroom, Sarah left the public education system to pursue a career in music publicity at Shuman Associates. She joined Boosey & Hawkes in 2005 where she worked with Steven, and in 2006 succeeded him to serve as Director, Media & Public Relations. Sarah’s calling card is creativity: in her time at B&H, she rang in the 21st century with fresh new practices for e-marketing, contests, social media, content production, and event planning at Sundance and SxSW. She joined DOTDOTDOTMUSIC as a partner in 2010.

Together, Steven and Sarah have developed an integrated approach to publicity: building careers and audiences through increased visibility and enhanced presentation. Today's listener can access a universe of music with just a few clicks of the mouse. The stylistic fences are down, and new audiences can come from nearly any direction. The downside? A galaxy of artists clamoring for attention. We can help you cut through the noise. Having nurtured the careers of creative artists from Elliott Carter to Missy Mazzoli, our ears are open. Drop us a line!

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